Feelings First is a queer actual-play podcast about messy relationships, complex characters, grounded stories, and exploring emotional landscapes.


Currently in it's fourth season, we are playing Masks: A New Generation, a game about teenage supoeroes trying to find their place in the world.


Previous seasons include Monsterhearts, Dream Askew, and Undr Hollow Hills.

Podcasts and Actual Plays

The Burning Wheel: Patronage takes place in a time of high art, religiosity and finance. In the city of Junipero, artists, merchants and noble lords try to claim dominion over the coveted "La Piazza dell'Arte".


I GM this game of intrigue and art, with guests Acegiak, Dave_Human and FinbarDS

Here's a selection of podcasts and actual plays I've starred in, produced and guested on. If you'd like me to be on your show, be it an RPG Actual Play or Podcast about science, queer stuff or gaming, drop me a line via email.

Every day is a race on mars. Do you have what it takes to win yours?


This Sprawl RPG mini campaign, is a 5 episode mini-series, MC'd by Eric Vulgaris.


I play the brash Becky "Fucking" Barker, a reporter determined to dig up the secrets of Mars' Corporations.

I was Queer Nerd of Honour on this episode of Querdy, a podcast of interviews with cool queer science peeps.


In this pod, I talk about my experience as a trans woman in ascience, share all about being a streamer on twitch, and open up about my biggest science inspiration...

I guested on SciCurious Pod, hosted by Dr Brynley Pearlston. I talk all about science, queer stuff and my busy, busy life.