The Potent Solution



A Queer Urban Fantasy Novel set in Georgian London, THE POTENT SOLUTION is the story of Charlotte Price, an apprentice alchemist and detective. Charlotte's life is turned upside down when her mentor goes missing during an investigation of a strange death. Lost, hunted and inexperienced, Charlotte has to use everything she's learned, and improvise the things she hasn't, to track down her tutor. She soon uncovers a diabolical conspiracy to drug and control the growing population of mages in the city, and with the help of a tattooed sorcerer from a noble family, she finds herself inexorably pushed to the only place she can stop it: The House of Lords.


The story features an intimate and personal view of life with ADHD, normalised representation of trans people, and a diverse cast of characters.


Can Charlotte turn her greatest flaw into a new found strength and find a new way to thrive? Can she trust a disgraced aristocrat with a drinking problem? Can she save her mentor before it's too late? Can she get over being an oblivious lesbian and realise her friend is 100% down to make out?


Art by Emily McAllan