About me

I'm Dr Ashley Nova, Cosmic Babe and part-time Super Villain.


Usually you can find my staring into space, and by space I mean the inky black void of my terminal. I work full-time as a post-doc researcher in Machine Learning and Galaxy Evolution.


I'm an aspiring author and my debut novel, the potent solution, is currently in the querying stage. The book is a Historical/Urban Fantasy story, set in London in 1834 arund the tragic fire that destroyed the Houses of Parliament. An apprentice alchemist has to team up with a disgraced aristcrat with magic tattoos, in order to find her missing mentor and save London from a diabllical coonspiracy.


I make a queer actual play podcast called Feelings First, a show about messy relationships, complex characters, grounded stories, and exploring emotional landscapes. Right now I'm GM'ing a campaign of Masks, where three teen superheros are trying to find their place in London Halcyon.


I'm a queer rights activist and a trustee of PrideInSTEM. I speak about LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in STEM at conferences and workshops.



Dr Ashley Nova

Cosmic Babe, Activist, Astronomer